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Telemorx® Xtreme


100% Natural Cold Processed Ultra-Filtered Bovine Colostrum with Added Immunity Support and Muscle Enhancing Growth Factors

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Telemorx® Xtreme was specially made for the athlete. From extreme sports, triathlons, marathons and to weightlifting, soccer, tennis and golf.


Bovine Colostrum is 7 times more potent than Human Colostrum and 99% Bio-Identical to Human Colostrum. The components in cold processed colostrum make it an ideal supplement! 


Major components of bovine colostrum:


  1. Vitamins

  2. Minerals

  3. Free Amino Acids

  4. Immunoglobulins

  5. Natural Growth Factors

  6. Cykotines


Colostrum is the initial feeding that a mammal gives its newborn. It is only produced during the first three days after birth and we use only the first and second milking. It is a clear nutritional nutrient that ensures the survival of the newborn. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, growth factors, cytokines, immunoglobulins, and many other nutritionally important factors. Most animals in the wild do not survive if they are not given this incredible fluid.


Our colostrum is processed via a patented method of centrifugation, enzymatic emulsification, micro-filtrated and ultra-micro-filtrated to sterility and then freeze dried. It is not pasteurized or spray dried which destroys most of the active ingredients in colostrum. Our product is produced only from European certified organic cows and European certified organic farms. This is the strictest certification available in Europe today. It means that the cows never receive any antibiotics, animal by-products in their feed, hormones, or pesticides. The cows must do what a cow does which is ruminate, which means they eat natural grass. They are treated homeopathically for all conditions. The farms are E.U. certified which means that they have not had any herbicides or pesticides on the soil for at least five (5) years. The soil is tested for contaminants on a regular basis. All cows are tested for B.S.E. and Para influenza on an annual basis.


Organic pasture-fed cows have a natural high amount of immunoglobulins, growth factors and more than 100 vital components.



*The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The statements are for informational purposes only and is it not meant to replace the services or recommendations of a physician or qualified health care practitioner. Those with health problems or pregnancy are specifically advised that they should consult their physician before taking colostrum or any nutritional supplement.*

  • Certified E.U. Organic

  • No Preservatives

  • Casein Free

  • Gluten Free

  • No GMO Ingredients

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