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What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the initial feeding that a mammal gives its newborn. It is only produced during the first three days after birth. Many people believe it is nothing more than fortified milk – it is not. It is a clear nutritional product that ensures the survival of the newborn. Most animals in the wild do not survive if they are not given this incredible fluid.
Why is cow (Bovine) colostrum good for human use?

Unlike in humans the cow does not transmit its immunity to the growing calf but rather stores it up until the calf is born. Then in three days the calf gets the entire concentrated colostrum. It is seven times more concentrated than human colostrum and the most interesting thing is that it is the same composition as human colostrum.

Is colostrum safe?

Colostrum is very safe, it is not a medicine, it is a food. You cannot overdose on colostrum and it has no known side effects. It is a nourishing complex food supplement. Bovine colostrum is non-species specific, which means it is highly suitable for human consumption.


How is it produced?

This is the key to effective colostrum. To be fully effective it should be processed under sterile cold conditions. Our product is processed via centrifugation, enzymatic emulsification, micro-filtrated and ultra-micro-filtrated and then freeze dried. It is not pasteurized which destroys most of the active ingredients in colostrum. Our product is produced only from European certified organic cows and European certified organic farms. This is the strictest certification available in Europe today. It means that the cows never receive any antibiotics, animal by-products in their feed, hormones, or pesticides. The cows must do what a cow does which is ruminate which means they eat natural grass. They are treated homeopathically for all conditions. The farms are E.U. certified which means that they have not had any herbicides or pesticides for at least five years. The soil is tested for contaminants on a regular basis. All cows are tested for B.S.E. and Para influenza on an annual basis.
Why is your colostrum not pasteurized?

Most all proteins “denature” around 120 degrees Fahrenheit rendering them into ineffective amino acid. Growth Factors are also “denatured” above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore the only way to really get “nutritionally effective” colostrum is to refine it under total refrigeration.
Pasteurization is the process of taking a fluid and exposing it in an extremely rapid fashion to a sudden increase in temperature for a short period of time and then restoring the “pasteurized” liquid back to its chilled state. This is designed to greatly reduce the bacterial content of the liquid.
Raw milk can be pasteurized very slowly, for example: 30 minutes at 145 degrees Fahrenheit , or at 161 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds or ultra pasteurization at 280 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 seconds. Colostrum is typically pasteurized at 161 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds, destroying the important ingredients. Spray Drying is shooting an extremely thin stream of fluid on to a super heated drum – 240 degrees Fahrenheit – instantly evaporating the fluid and leaving only the next to worthless colostrum powder.
Are there any additives in it?

There are absolutely no additives whatsoever in our product. It is 100% naturally and organically pure.
How do I place an order?

You may place an order by phone at 866-510-3665. We are available by phone from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm EST.
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