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To offer proven, pure and superior nutraceuticals that improve and enhance overall health and well-being. 

Scientific Neutraceuticals, LLC is proud to manufacture a range of high-quality nutraceuticals that are meticulously researched and evaluated by Roger Y. Murray, M.D., Fellow A.B.V.L.M., P.A. and carry a certificate of analysis (COA) to insure proof and validity of the product.

We do not just bottle amino acids or vitamins but seek to add palpable benefits to people’s well being. Consistent with FDA rules, we make no claims for treating or curing diseases. We partner only with nutraceutical companies that have assays confirming the purity of their product.  Lastly, we research and find products that are available in nature that help people's overall health and use only products that have double blind placebo controlled studies that verify and validate the use of the nutraceuticals.



Roger Murray M.D., Fellow A.B.V.L.M., P.A. completed his undergraduate work in both California and Charleston, S.C. He attended Medical School at the Medical University of South Carolina. Upon graduation, he spent a year in Dermatology followed by a year in Internal Medicine and then completed a full Residency in Family Practice.


Dr. Murray entered into solo private Family Practice in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Several years thereafter his interest turned to Phlebology. Realizing that there were no formal training programs in the United States, Dr. Murray traveled abroad where he spent two years training with the finest Phlebologists in Europe. Upon returning to the United States, he co-founded the American Academy of Phlebectomy. For the next five years, Dr. Murray trained over a hundred surgeons to perform outpatient vein surgery. He recently completed a two year term serving as President of the Surgical Section of the American College of Phlebology and was one of the first forty (40) Physicians in the United States to be awarded a prestigious Fellowship in Phlebology.


While in graduate school, Dr. Murray worked in basic science collagen research. His love for discovery and development in science has stayed with him throughout his life. This culminated with the establishment of Scientific Neutraceuticals, LLC. in 2005. Before production of any nutraceuticals, Dr. Murray researches the subject to the nth degree. This has resulted in 2 scientific books: Forever Young and Healthy and The Complete Book Of Sex, which addresses most of the medical conditions that negatively impact sexual performance.  Curriculum Vitae

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