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Free Amino Acids

Alanine: Energy supply for the cells, influences the blood sugar level


Arginine: Relaxation of the vascular walls, blood circulation by relaxation of vascular walls, blood pressure reduction, stimulation of growth hormone from the hypophysis


Aspartic Acid: Cell energy, detoxification of tissue, protection of the central nervous system, endurance in physical activity, mineral absorbing power, muscle formation, influences metabolism activity in the brain and the nerves, formation of DNS & RNS, protects liver and kidney (purification).


ß-AlanineEnergy supply, influences blood sugar level, precursor for the synthesis of glucose, formation of glucagon, function of prostate


ß-Aminoisobutyric Acid: Not specified


Citrulline: An intermediate amino acid in the urea cycle.


Cystine: Influences strengthening of the roots of hair, build-up of hair and nails, increases wound healing, mucolytic with asthma and cough, detoxifies and relieves the liver, often used as a therapeutic agent with heavy metal poisoning, strong antioxidant, used to prevent radiation injuries.


Glutamine: Formed from glutamic acid, muscle formation, cell metabolism, influences the ability for regeneration of the body in sleep


Glutamic Acid: Forms glutamine, binding of cellular toxins


Glycine: Protein component, nervous system, antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory, metabolic function, blood production, lipometabolism


Histidine: Place for binding of iron in blood pigment haemoglobin and muscle pigment myoglobin, blood buffer


Isoleucine: Muscle energy, protein storage, nerve and muscle function


Leucin: Muscle energy, protein storage, nerve und muscle function


Lysine:  Growth, tissue repair, formation of enzymes, formation of hormones, formation of antibodies, collagen synthesis, bones


Methionine: Sulphureous, proteinogeneic amino acid, prevents urinary tract infections and fat depositing in the liver, regeneration of liver and kidneys, anti-bacterial, binding of heavy metals, cell metabolism, anti-depressive effect


Ornithine: Strengthening of the immune system, enhances the formation of leukocytes, muscle formation, lipid catabolism, detoxication and purging of ammonia, counteracts insomnia, protection and regeneration of the liver


Phenylalanine: Enhances memory performance, influences appetite, elimination of harmful substances through kidneys and bladder, pain killer, antidepressant effect


Phosphorethanolamine: Not specified


Phosphorserine: Not specified


Proline: Essential for the formation of collagen, that is the protein that connective tissue and bones are made of, increases the activity of enzymes in cytoplasm


Serine: Formation of neurotransmitters, formation of DNA, part of enzymes


Taurine: Growth of eyes and brain, CNS, retina of the eyes, thrombocytes, component of smaller proteins and of neurotransmitters, soothing, restorative, antioxidant effect, restores liver


Threonine: Growth, metabolism of uric acid, immune system, protein metabolism, formation of enzymes and hormones, strengthening of the immune system, formation of immunoglobulins and antibodies, health of the thymus gland


Tryptophan: Protein synthesis, metabolism of the liver, formation of serotonin, circadian rhythms


Tyrosine: Synthesis of proteins that are produced naturally in the body, hormones, neurotransmitters, precursors of melanin and the thyroid hormone thyroxine


Valine: Energy source for muscles, muscle formation, stress amino acid, glycogen-effective amino acid, function of nerves and muscles

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