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Sodium (Na): Essential for water balance, serum, blood pressure, acid-base-balance, muscle relaxation, transport of nutritive substances.


Potassium (K): Essential for energy, water and electrolyte balance of the cell, the cardiovascular system, function of the nerves, muscle contractions, kidneys, activation of enzymes, activity of the myocardial muscle, acid-base-balance.


Calcium (Ca): Component of the human skeleton, involved in growth, nerves, blood clotting, messenger in cell metabolism, involved in cell development, stabilizes cell walls, bones, teeth, muscle function.


Magnesium (Mg): Bone formation, teeth, muscles of the heart and the skeleton, involved in enzyme reactions, amongst others, it plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as in cell division, transmission of nerve-impulses.


Iron (Fe): The most frequent trace element in the body, important for the transport of oxygen and its storage, strengthens the immune system, important for erythrocytes (red blood cells), haemoglobin (red blood pigment), myoglobin (oxygen depot of the muscles), liver, spleen and bone marrow.


Copper: Is involved in many body functions, antioxidant, production of blood, energy generation, immune system.


Chromium: Important for uptake of glucose in the body, muscle formation, reduces cholesterol level, increases the fat burn.


Manganese (Mn): Activates important enzymes in the body, bones, cartilage and connective tissue.


Zinc (Zn): Enhances wound healing, protein synthesis, insulin production, important for growth and maturation, insulin storage, important functions in the cells, e.g. protects the cell membranes, involved in the metabolism of growth hormones, thyroid hormones and sex hormones, influences the functioning of the senses (smell, taste, see, hear).


Phosphoric Acid (P): Metabolism, bones, teeth, cell nuclei and cell membranes, energy balance.


Selenium (Se): Often used as a therapeutic measure in case of anaemia, protects the cells from ill effects, heavy metals and other straining substances, radical interceptor.

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